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Josephine Abou Abdo

Josephine Abou Abdo, Lebanon

bio +
Designer and Interior Architect. Born in Beirut in 1990, Living in Rome since 2015. Finished her masters in Interior Design from the Lebanese University of Fine Arts in Beirut in 2012 before working for 3 years with a design studio. She is currently in process of the completing of her Master of Science in Product Design in La Sapienza of Rome in which she is completing her thesis on “Food, Design, & cities”. A design lover avid to spread more design thinking into the world. Spends a lot of her time traveling. A keen photographer. Fluent in four languages.
Safouane Azouzi

Safouane Azouzi, Tunisia

bio +
Strongly influenced by the 2011 revolution in his native country, he is interested in social design and ethics in design. In 2011 he did humanitarian work in Libyan refugee camps in “Ras Jdir” and “Choucha” in southern Tunisia with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR). He is currently completing his Master of Science in Product Design in La Sapienza of Rome in which he is writing his thesis on “Design & illegal immigration; burning borders between dignity and identity”. Fluent in four languages (arabic, french italian and english). He also holds the diploma of classical Arabic music and plays the kanun (traditional arabic zither).
Paolo Barichella

Paolo Barichella, Italy

bio +
Paolo Barichella is an Executive Food Design Advisor. Theorist and specialist consultant in Food Design since 2002, he is operative director in Strategic Design Management, Sensory Design, Concept Creation of Lifestyles and Experience. He has developed high-profitability plans for Industries, Food Format, Products and Store.
Paolo was born in Milan (Italy) in 1969. Following his Industrial Design studies, he pursued a career in communication strategy particularly related to the theory and philosophy of Food Design, web development, as journalist and writer, as lecturer and didactic consultant. During his career, Paolo Barichella has developed and consolidated significant experience in the food technology chain and its processes, in combination with design, sensory and engineering.
Through in-depth studying and research in the field of Food Design, today Paolo Barichella is one of the most renowned international opinion-leaders in this area, often invited to participate and contribute at events and projects on food design.
Claudio Bozzaotra

Claudio Bozzaotra, Italy

bio +
Born in Naples lives and works in Marigliano (NA). Ph Doctor Architectural Professor, from 2000 to 2008 is professor at contract in architectural design laboratories at the Faculty of Architecture in Naples, and in 2011 at the High School of Art and Theology at the Theological Faculty, Sez. San Luigi, Naples for the chair of Sacred Contemporary Architecture. She changes her profession of artistic activity by participating in personal and collective exhibitions and participating in architectural competitions for which she is present at the 2000 Venice Biennale. For academic and non-academic reasons, he has published, in addition to essays and articles on magazines of various genres: “READING”, Art Book Edition, Marigliano 2000. (First edition in 19 copies numbered and signed).
“The Dimension of the Imagination”, Hevelius Edizioni, Benevento 2000.
SIlvia Cioli

Silvia Cioli, Italy

bio +
Architect, co-founder of studioUAP to work in the fields of architecture and urbanism especially on the design of public space, awarded for the participatory processes adopted. Co-founder of Zappata Romana to investigate community and shared gardens in Rome. Since 2012 has been appointed by the Appia Antica Park to activate an abandoned area where a new public space, the Hortus Urbis garden, is chorally built and maintained.
Pio Crispino

Pio Crispino, Italy

bio +
Architect Pio Crispino. Doctor of Science – at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Naples Federico II; Vice President of the Chamber of Architects of Naples and Province since 2005; Adherent partner of the National Institute of Urban Planning (INU Campania); Member of the Regional Technical Committee of the Province of Naples in the Urban section; Member of the Regional Technical Committee of the Province of Naples in the Public Works section since 2007; Expert of “VAS e VIA” ex ante; Training course organized by the journal “Il sole 24 ore”; Secretary of the Chamber of Architects of the province of Naples since 2013; President of the Chamber of Architects of the province of Naples since 2016;
Master of Architecture at the University of Naples Federico II on January 9, 1986 – Study plan: Architectural and Urban Planning;
Scientific collaborator at the Faculty of Architecture of Naples since 1986 at: “The Department of Architectural and Environmental Planning” “Department of Planning and Science of the Territory”;
Collaboration in the course of Thematic Cartography at the Faculty of Architecture of Naples;
Collaboration in the course of Architectural Drawing and Representation “D” at the Faculty of Architecture of Naples;
1993; winner of the Ph.D., at the Faculty of Architecture of Naples; ICAR /17 1996;
1996; PhD thesis in Architectural and Landscape Representation (VIII cycle) at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”;
Author of numerous publications
Michele Cuomo

Michele Cuomo, Italy

bio +
Project architect and designer based in Torre Annunziata, Naples. ADI Compasso d’Oro International Award 2015 with the theme Design for Food and Nutrition with the project “Canna di Fucile 2011″. Component of the ADI National Food Commission, has PhD in Architectural Composition Research since 1994 and was Adjunct Professor in Theories of contemporary architectural research from 1997 to 2007 at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Naples Federico II.
Collaborated since 2009 with the Interdepartmental Research Center Raffaele D’Ambrosio L.U.P.T. at the Research Area in “Architectural design, urban, and environmental restoration and enhancement of historical, architectural, archaeological and landscape”. He has participated in numerous national and international competitions.
Patrizia Di Costanzo

Patrizia Di Costanzo, Italy

bio +
Architect, professor in Design Management at IED in Rome.
In 1977, she’s the founder and senior partner of G.A.R (Roman Architect Group). Later she develops with relevant responsibility the most significant
Domestic Italian design brands, taking the both roles of Product Manager and Sales Manager. In 1990 she starts the first italian experiment of co-sharing activity between private companies and local government organizations such as Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome.
Then she founds pdc, communication projects, active in Design Services, curator of design exhibitions, freelance journalist, ADI Member, is part of Service Distribution Department, and part of National Commission for Food Design.
Gianni Di Matteo

Gianni Di Matteo, Italy

bio +
Architect MsD and PhD in Industrial Design, is the President of “ADI Sicilia”. He also teaches Sociology of cultural processes in ABADIR school, Desing and Visual Arts Academy in Catania; his professional activities concern about Social Design and Innovative Territorial Systems. He’s part of the Community of founders of Farm Cultural Park in Favara (AG) and has taken part as Favara Urban Network’s President at the functional rehabilitation project of “Castello Chiaramonte” in Favara, inserted as “Best Practice” in “Responding Together” project by European Commission and European Council. He was Managing Editor of online magazine “PAD: Pages on Art & Design” and editor for divers national magazines of design branch.
Nerina Di Nunzio

Nerina Di Nunzio, Italy

bio +
Since July 2005, Nerina Di Nunzio was Marketing and Communications Manager, as well as Managing Director of the Master course in Journalism and Digital Communication and of the Advanced study programs for Gambero Rosso Holding Spa. She also worked in the field of Communication and Digital Marketing for telecommunications, banking and education industries.
Furthermore, she is a leading figure in the field of food and wine. She published a book about organic food direct selling in Italy for the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Coldiretti (association of Italian agriculture sector).
She has been Head of The School of Italian Cuisine of the Condé Nast Group in Milan for two years. She is one of the ADI’s (Association for Industrial Design) Food Commission members.
In 2012 she founded Food Confidential, a consulting company that provides  marketing, communications, advertising and social media strategy services. In addition to the projects of Food Confidential she worked in France and kept being involved in the field of education teaching while organizing courses for IED, LUMSA, La Sapienza and many other postgraduate schools. One of the most successful example is the English Master course in Food Design for IED Rome.
She also writes for many famous newspapers related to Design and Education. 
Mazen El Muur

Maze El Murr, Lebanon

bio +
Lebanese young architect, came to Rome to specialise in Architectural Restoration in the University of Rome, La Sapienza. Finished his masters in Architecture in the Institute of Fine Arts of the Lebanese University in Beirut in 2013. Worked with different architectural studios in Beirut and built his experience on different aspects. Participated in many competitions, as a team member and as an independent architect. Passionate about history, bringing back life and protecting forgotten architectural gems in his home country. His interests in trying different experiences made him travel to many different cities. A believer in the power of food in socializing with people from different backgrounds.
Luciano Galimberti

Luciano Galimberti, Italy

bio +
Design manager, in 1985 together with Rolando Borsato he founded BG + progettazione ( a design studio focussing on processes, with the objective of overcoming the traditional artisan’s role in design studios by working on the concept of design thinking. He has been involved in various sectors of Living and Working, combining projects related to architecture, interior design, exhibit design and communication. For four years he has been a member of the ADI Lombardy steering committee with responsibility for liaisons with Institutions, and in May 2014 he was elected President of the Association.
Fabrizio Mangoni

Fabrizio Mangoni, Italy

bio +
Fabrizio Mangoni is Architect and Professor of Urbanism at Federico II University in Naples.
As a gastronome, for years has invented ways of spectacularization and valorisation of cuisine and enogastronomy. He is the author and conductor of many TV programs and documentaries and theatrical performances on food and wine themes. He designed new sweets and chocolates, in the design and taste. Since 1999, he projected the “Narrative Museums” and multimedia exhibit. He has written books about food history and collaborates with food magazines.
Antonio Franco Mariniello

Antonio Franco Mariniello, Italy

bio +
Antonio Franco Mariniello (1948)  is an  Architect and Full Professor of Architectural and Urban Design at the Departement of Architecture- University of Naples Federico II, Research Director at  L.U.P.T. and  past member of the PhD board Architectural Composition at the same Faculty of Architecture.
From 1992 to 1996 he was Associate Professor at the University of Florence. Since 1990 he was Chief editor of the Italian review  ArQ-Architettura Quaderni, founded with Michele Capobianco. From 1998 to 2004 he was a member of the Urban Planning Committee at the City Council of Naples; Consultant  for national and local governments for Urban Design, Social Housing and architectural restoring projects.  In the last two decades he devoted part of his work at the University of Naples to the organization of international conferences and exhibitions (among which is the one dedicated to Swedish architecture and the works by Sven Markelius and Ralph Erskine), and interdisciplinary seminars in cooperation with the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies of Naples.  In more recent years, his collaboration with local administration mainly focused on the restoration and valorization of the cultural heritage, with particular interest in archaeological sites, as the Scientific Director of international workshops dedicated to the Vesuvian and Campi Flaegrei sites (Stabiae, Oplontis, Baia). He was a member of the scientific committees  Annali dell’Architettura e delle Città  Foundation and Rete Vitruvio (Associazione Nazionale di Progettazione Architettonica e del Paesaggio). He is autor of many works in Architectural Theory and Criticism; furthermore he has published: Questioni di Forma (Napoli 1985), Variazioni-13 esperimenti di Composizione (Napoli 1996), Pre.Testi- sussidiario di Composizione (Napoli 2005).
Sonia Massari

Sonia Massari, Italy

bio +
Dr. Sonia Massari has a PhD in Food Systems and Interaction Design in the Engineering Dept at the University of Florence. She is the Academic Director of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Food Studies programs in Rome and Director of Gustolab International Institute for Food Systems and Sustainability Studies. She teaches at Scuola Politecnica di Design Milan (MA in Food Design), ISIA Design School Rome (MA in Systemic Design – Course on Food Systems Design) and at ROMA Tre University (BA in Gastronomic Sciences and MA in Intercultural Communication and Tourism). She is currently coordinating the ADI INDEX Food Design commission. She is a scientific consultant and senior researcher for the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition Foundation as well as a consultant for a national TV program on food systems and urban agriculture. She is a board member of the Association for the study of Food and Society (ASFS) and a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Food Design. She was the director of the First European Conference on Understanding Food Design, ADI Milan 2015.
Aitor Mato

Aitor Mato, Spain

bio +
I am originally from Valladolid, Spain, and I have spent the last five years between England and Italy. I studied Industrial Design at the University of Valladolid, and I am currently attending the last year of the MsC in Product Design at La Sapienza University, in Rome. During this academic period I have grown an increasing interest in areas such as critical design, design for social innovation and arts based research between others.
Carlo Migliardi

Carlo Migliardi, Italy

bio +
Architetto e Designer. Nasce a Napoli.
Dopo la Laura specialistica in Architecture e Design, inizia a lavorare presso lo studio di famiglia, rappresentandone la terza generazione di Architetti.
Oggi vive tra Napoli e Dublino, intraprendendo la sua professione con un ruolo multidisciplinare che spazia dalla progettazione architettonica al design fino alla consulenza per aziende estere che lavorano in Italia.
La curiosità e l’interesse verso varie discipline e settori, lo porta ad uno studio costante delle cose. L’accademia di Architettura svolta a Napoli, lo sviluppo di una tesi in industrial design in collaborazione con Indesit Company su elettrodomestici da show cooking, ed importanti incontri con notevoli realtà locali, lo portano sin da giovanissimo a lavorare su grandi progetti.
Nel 2010 Espone al salone del Mobile . sezione Satellite con il progetto Temporay Solid.
Dal 2012 al 2014 lancia il suo Brand “ Handing Design”, prodotti e componenti d’arredo semi- industriali. Esponendo al Fuorisalone 2014 con la lampada Cacto Lamp.
Nel 2015 lavora come art director al progetto di Michele Cuomo, “Canna di Fucile 2011”, ADI Compasso d’Oro International Award 2015 sul tema Design for Food and Nutrition, curandone la comunicazione e la fotografia.
Socio Adi e Componente della Commissione Food dell’ADI Nazionale.
Antonella Mignacca

Antonella Mignacca, Italy

bio +
Food and Eating designer, founder of Into the Food. After a Interior Designer degree at La Sapienza University in Rome, she attended a course of Food Design Experience ai Politecnico University in Milan. By focusing on the creation of an experience connected with eating and interacting with food, her investigation opened up a whole new world of possibilities and brought her field of research into uncharted territory. Designing the way we eat allows them to re/build on the existing relationship between people and food – and take it to a whole new level.
Narges Mofarahian

Narges Mofarahian, Iran

bio +
The architect and the founder of the AGRIshelter non-profit association. She did her bachelor in Architecture in Iran and pursued her studies in Master degree at politecnico di Milano. While working on her thesis on the issue of sustainable emergency housing for refugees (AGRIshelter), she won the prize of an international competition “What Design Can Do”, devoted to the question of refugees and co-sponsored by IKEA and UNHRC. Since then she has realized one prototype of AGRIshelter as a playhouse for refugees’ children in Milan.
Mauro Olivieri

Mauro Olivieri, Italy

bio +
Mauro Olivieri si occupa di design, visual design, comunicazione, interior design, food design. Studioso e progettista di Brand dei Sistemi Territoriali e comunicazione sul territorio. Appassionato da sempre di cucina è attento ai cambiamenti che si sono formati negli ultimi 20 anni e dove ne è stato anche il condizionatore creando eventi ancora oggi unici nel panorama del Food sia in Italia che all’estero. Ricordiamo tra le sue performance, le installazioni realizzate in Germania per l’Azienda Vigo di Albenga, dove ha indotto nuovi criteri dell’incontrarsi intorno al cibo, inteso come non solo “mangiar bene”, ma quale mezzo per interagire con espressioni nuove del food, legando cibo, confezione e portata, visti come un unico progetto, inscindibili tra loro. Entra a far parte nell’equipe di lavoro “Food Design” centro di riferimento sul food collaborando su lavori comuni. Coofondatore della delegazione ADI Food Design nata nel 2006 ha partecipato come organizzatore della prima conferenza internazionale della delegazione Food Design, dal titolo “food touse” durante la prima conferenza internazionale di Tuttofood Milano 2007, curandone anche l’immagine grafica. Membro del Dipartimento Progettisti dell’Associazione ADI e responsabile scientifico del gruppo food design dello stesso. Responsabile corsi di formazione sul design e l’interior design, comunicazione visual design e food design. Docente di food design allo IED Istituto Europeo di Design- corso “food del territorio” e “ food production”. Si occupa della direzione artistica e/o immagine grafica di diverse aziende nel settore alimentare Mengazzoli, Mioitaly, Sommariva, Boeri, Roi, Panedoz.
Premiato con menzione d’onore alla ventitreesima edizione del Premio Compasso d’Oro ADI con il progetto Campotti, formato di pasta prodotto dal Pastificio dei Campi.
Emmanouela Paradeisanou

Emmanouela Paradeisanou, Greece

bio +
My name is Emmanouela Paradeisanou, I am 26 years old and I come from Greece (Crete). My bachelor degree is on Nutrition and Dietetics (in Thessaloniki, Greece). My thesis was “Comparative study of obesity for kids 7-10 years old at Heraklion of Crete (COSI program)“. I worked 6 months at the General Hospital of Heraklion (PAGNH) as nutritionist – dietitian for my internship. Meanwhile I delivered some lectures in different elementary schools about the “Health Nutrition and right snacks at school”. During all the years of my bachelor degree I was feeling attracted by the sector of design and I was looking for ways to “interfere” somehow in this beautiful world. And one day I found this Master, on Food Design. This last year 2016-2017 I took my Master on “Food Design and Innovation” provided by SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan. It was a really interesting and innovative program, knowing the different aspects of food and how food can be used in order to transmit messages and its power. My internship was with Mrs Vittorio Castellani aka Chef Kumale, on creating the logo and the whole communication language about his project “Nati per soffriggere” for Cooperativa of Turin Valdocco. Also we had to rethink the design of the space that is about to host the project. From the beginning of May I am working in a food studio “TourDeFork” in Milan. I have not decided yet what exactly I would like to do in the future but I really like food experience and events, But I am really open to ideas and proposes.
Merav Perez

Merav Perez, Israel

bio +
Senior lecturer in the Industrial Design and Visual Communication departments at Shenkar, Ramat Gan, Israel. Interdisciplinary designer and educator with special interest in socio-political and collaborative design practices. Co-curator of Design in the Middle workshops, where designers and architects from around the Middle East/Euro-Med region gather and work together, addressing challenges relevant to the Middle East, such as borders, religious diversity, migration, water and food sources.
Marco Pietrosante

Marco Pietrosante, Italy

bio +
Laureato all’Isia di Roma. Si occupa di Industrial Design e Design dei Sistemi con particolare attenzione alla sostenibilità ambientale e sociale, utilizzando tecnologie e materiali innovativi. Cura eventi culturali legati al design e all’architettura e svolge attività di formazione in Scuole, Università e nel Master in Food Design dello Ied. È stato Responsabile Accademico e Direttore dei Master presso lo Ied di Roma. Attualmente dirige i Master dell’Isia di Roma. È socio Adi e coordinatore scientifico di alcuni settori merceologici dell’Adi Index.
Francesco Schianchi

Francesco Schianchi, Italy

bio +
Aside his lecturing activity at Politecnico, Milan, where he teaches Design and Creativity, (from 2003) Francesco Schianchi has a long lasting experience as a Consultant and Trainer in various fields, such as Management, Communication, Strategic Marketing, Project Culture, both for Public and Private enterprises. He has taught Marketing, Promotion, Advertising, and Public Relations at IULM, Istituto Universitario di Lingue Moderne, Milan.(1989-1999) He was Director at IED, Istituto Europeo di Design, Rome.(2003-2008) Some of the companies he has collaborated with are: Helwett Packard, Milano, Pirelli &c. Real Estate, Milano, Samsung , Milano, BTicino, Milano,Teatro alla Scala, Milano,  Moet&Chandon,Torino;Regione Lombardia, Camere di Commercio, Milano, Bologna, Ravenna. He is also author of various books and essays about management, creativity and design.
Raffaela Scognamiglio

Raffaela Scognamiglio, Italy

bio +
External Relations Manager at Master in Service Design – Politecnico di Milano.
Communication & Fundraising Manager with consolidated experience at United Nations Agencies, NGOs and universities. Operational component of the Food Design Commission ADI (Association for Industrial Design).
Served as Account Manager for Standard Ethics (Sustainability and ESG Rating). With a consolidated experience in business, in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Shared Values (CSV), she has also demonstrated a proven capacity to manage private sector partners and creatively design and propose many new project proposals to increase the level of the partnership.
Solid academic background in Political Science and International Relations, Diplomacy and International Politics.
Saghar Setareh

Saghar Setareh, Iran

bio +
I’m an iranian graphic designer who fell in love with food in Italy. After many years of drawing since childhood, I continued my art studies first in Tehran’s Art and Architecture Faculty in “Visual Communication”, and later in Rome’s Fine Arts Academy in Editorial Design, with an specialization in Graphic Design and Photography. My food photography is the development of my design studies. I make art meet business through blogging, content creation and professional food photography for editorial and commercial commissions.
Francesco Subioli

Francesco Subioli, Italy

bio +
Laureato all’Isia di Roma. Art director e project manager nel campo della progettazione: Industrial, Graphic, Exhibition Design. Alterna l’attività professionale con docenze e formazione in Università e scuole private. È coordinatore e insegnante del primo Master in Food Design in Europa presso lo Ied di Roma. Svolge da venticinque anni attività professionale prima con Studiorandom e poi con Kromosoma. È Executive Board Member dell’Adi e responsabile del settore Food Design dell’Associazione.

Food Design and Food Security:
challenges in the Euro-Mediterranean area

16th MAY 2017
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