Food Design Manifesto

Food Design Manifesto

by the ADI Food Commission
december 2014

Food Design is the design of food (Food Facts), or rather the activity of processing food more effectively in order to make the action of purchasing edible substances in a given context, environment or place of consumption both correct and pleasurable. Food Design analyzes the reasons why we perform a food act in order to better understand how to design it and how to adequately meet athe needs of the user. Food Design deals with edible products, communication, packaging, services and places related to the sale and consumption of food.

Food Design in Ten Points

1. Food Design deals with design in the food sector.

2. Food Design is a specific design area that aims to produce effective solutions for the enjoyment of food in specific contexts and situations.
3. Food Design aims to give shape to the interfaces and services in the way that is most appropriate to the circumstances in which the product is consumed.
4. The manufacturability and the seriality of a product or service are the conditions under which a design may be classified as Food Design.
5. The main criteria that an edible Food Design product has to satisfy are: portioning, modularity and format being appropriate to the context and tools in and with which it will be consumed.
6. A Food Design product is designed to offer a service to one or more persons who have demonstrated certain needs, or to make an action related to food more effective through a tool derived from its design.
7. Food Design means designing according to standard Design procedures that in addition to purely formal or decorative research, also involve research into innovationin the processes related to production, distribution and consumption.
8. Food Design is a privileged tool and particularly effective in the development and promotion of the Territory through its oenogastronomic wealth.
9. Due to its links with nutrition, Food Design can also be considered within the context of Social Design and can envisage partnerships with no-profit groups and organizations.
10. A Food Design product is designed with the sole purpose of generating benefits for the User. The entire process has to interact in order to prevent exposing the user to risks resulting from poor design or inadequate attention paid to the regulations regarding preservation, production technology, ergonomics and microbiology related to foodstuffs.
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